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A Web Analyst is an analytics specialist with business intelligence skills. His job is to take appropriate measures for the company and to follow customer paths across multiple channels.

First he gathers the quantitative and qualitative data he needs. As a technical specialist, he ensures the quality of the data collected via analytics solutions. He also tackles tracking issues and tagging plans, occasionally working in project mode.

Next, he analyses these data to identify traffic trends, detect buying behaviours and assess the performance of the various mechanisms in place. The quality of this analytical work is what makes the difference and will enable him to make projections and suggest relevant recommendations for improvement.

Because his work cuts across several functions, he works closely with many other experts, including the E-commerce Project Manager, Traffic Manager and E-mail Marketing Project Manager. Depending on the needs of each department, he chooses which KPIs to monitor so he can oversee operations and submit management reports or status reports. Conversion rate, unique visitors, revenue, click rate, bounce rate, time spent on the site…these are all key concepts in his vocabulary. He works with a set of tools that facilitate decision making.


Web Analysts are excellent communicators. They can switch from one job to another and readily understand all the issues faced by the people they’re communicating with. They rely on listening skills to clearly understand each issue and, if necessary, to formally express it in detail.

They can adapt to their audience and like to educate others about their work. This means they can describe their profession in layman’s terms, but still know the technical terms to go into detail with more specialised audiences.

Web Analysts have a strong propensity for analysis and synthesis. They know how to cut to the chase by selecting a few strategic indicators that can be easily understood and used by everyone.

They are also very knowledgeable about the Internet in general, which helps them quickly know where to look. Their observations and curiosity help them go further with their recommendations.

They are rigorous and responsive and can jump into action quickly in an emergency as well as organise themselves for the long term.


Excel, Powerpoint, Word
Google Analytics, At Internet, Omniture
Google Tag Manager, Tag commander
Web programming skills

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