Scrum Master


A Scrum Master is responsible for implementing the Scrum process. He takes part in the project research and design/scoping phases. He oversees or participates in unit testing and manages the integration and technical acceptance stages.

The Scrum Master assists with user acceptance (follow-up and support). He tracks the sprint progress of development teams and alerts them to any risks or delays. He also coordinates and schedules sprints and daily meetings.

The Scrum Master works in close collaboration with the Product Owner.


Scrum Masters are experts in Agile project management methodology (especially Scrum).

They are also well versed in technical environments and design/development frameworks.

Scrum Masters have a highly developed team spirit which enables them to have optimum interaction with the other team members to move the project forward.


Agility expert (scrum).
Developer experience.
Good knowledge in multidevice web technologies

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