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A UI designer is a web designer and graphic designer who specialises in user experience. She works on many different digital projects and brings her expertise to a variety of platforms or interfaces: mobile sites, responsive sites, desktop sites, applications, landing pages, emails, etc. Working from a given structure and ergonomic design, she designs and positions the various graphic and text elements so that they are easily understood by the user and facilitate browsing. Typography, element sizing, colours, formatting and creative components are part of her daily life.
To deliver a complete user experience package, she often works in tandem with a UX designer,who creates the structure and ergonomic design of the digital product,  or follows his recommendations.

In accordance with the technical specifications and the client’s design needs, she creates and/or interprets a visual identity across a service, application or communication mechanism. She makes them enjoyable to browse while reinforcing the content message with graphics.
She works from a brief to devise an idea that will best present the message to be conveyed. She produces the graphic elements needed for the creative concepts (pictograms, logos, graphics charter, illustrations, etc.).
To do this, she takes into account web constraints pertaining to ergonomic design, usability and accessibility.


UI designers need creativity to get the job done. They are curious and observant of what happens around them, including new trends, which nourishes their imagination.

They are on the lookout for the latest web techniques and trends. They are well rounded culturally with strong graphic and visual sensibilities. Their ability to synthesise helps them quickly assess projects and potential technical problems to be responsive.

To best meet the needs of the site, they excel at organisation, rigour and working under pressure when necessary. Their responsiveness enables them to quickly suggest a creative solution to the challenge in a client brief.

As web designers, they work with many individuals – project managers, marketing team, developers, integrators and so on – who give them feedback on their work. They have strong interpersonal skills, which allows them to listen, accept criticism and lobby for the proposed graphic idea while being proactive.

UI designers have technical and creative skills. They know how to use site integration tools and image processing software


Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Fireworks
Image Ready
After Effect,
Action Script (2 & 3),
Javascript ( JQuery)
HTML, JavaScript, XML

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