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The Community Manager manages a company’s relationship with a community of Internet users united by common interests. He really works as a community facilitator. He galvanises Internet users behind the brand, fosters conversations and moderates if necessary.

The role of the Community Manager is essentially to develop the brand’s presence on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs, etc.), but he also addresses any issues raised within the community, such as pre- or post-sales service, suggestions, ideas or criticism. The Community Manager is responsible for the company’s e-reputation, i.e. its image on the Internet and social media.

The Community Manager works closely with the Social Media Project Manager and Digital Project Manager.


Community Managers are usually curious people with a thirst for innovation in the realms of new technologies and collaborative tools, which they use on a daily basis.

Interpersonal skills and writing proficiency are compulsory for this position, which is very often the user’s first point of contact with the brand on the Internet.


Social media dashboards (Hootsuite, TweetDeck, etc.)

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