Technical Project Manager


The Technical Project Manager is responsible for managing and coordinating his team through all the technical phases involved in the creation of a multimedia application (Internet/Intranet/mobile).

He sets the technical objectives for the project. He uses his knowledge to understand the technical requirements and constraints that may arise and to make decisions when needed. To this end, he enriches the functional specifications he receives by adding detailed technical specifications. He has a big picture view of the project, which allows him to define the turnaround times needed to complete deliverables.

The Technical Project Manager serves as a technical expert to the designer-developers.
He must oversee the project in consultation with the various stakeholders and assess its progress. This work includes scheduling and organising unit and load tests. He is present for the production launch and deployment.


Technical Project Managers are rigorous and methodical, with good people skills.
They have a penchant for technical challenges and new technologies.



General computer skills: systems architecture, databases, development methods.
Excellent knowledge of languages specific to the Internet and mobile Internet.
Mastery of agile development methodologies and object-oriented methods

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