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UX is a web speciality that is emerging with the increasingly frequent use of mobile devices (phones, tablets). The limited size of these screens and the widespread use of touch screens naturally led to more focused work on how to select and present the information made available on these screens and how to navigate between pages. In addition, this work led to higher-level analysis of the user experience.

The role of a UX/CX designer is to create the best user experience for Internet users. He ensures that the site or the application meets the specific needs of the user in the simplest possible way and in a pleasant environment.
His recommendations will pertain to things such as site presentation, site architecture, browsing between different sections, graphic design, conversion tunnel, content presentation and screen flow to ensure a good user experience. He writes interface style guides, experience audits and interface style recommendations. He organises and runs user tests and participatory design activities.

The UX/CX designer takes into consideration the profiles of the different users that are likely to visit the site and works to best accommodate their needs and browsing habits based on their age, disabilities, etc.

Site or app accessibility, navigation, user understanding, instilling trust, storytelling…these are all aspects that the UX/CX designer to spark emotions in users.

In addition to project managers, developers, and so on, he works in close collaboration with, for example, a UI designer who will translate his recommendations into something tangible.


UX/CX designers are cognitive psychologists at heart. They have an open mind, analytical skills and well-formed graphic and user interface sensibilities. These qualities give them an understanding of how Internet users make use of a website or application. After studying these uses, they will propose the interface that will best suit them to deliver the expected user experience.

Team spirit and interpersonal skills are essential to UX/CX designers because they work with various players: graphic designers, project managers, system integrators, marketing teams, etc.
They are rigorous and get involved at various stages of website production in the design or redesign phases.

They have strong writing skills to help present and promote their recommendations in an informative manner to other staff.


Axure, Camtasia, Balsamik
Morae, Intuition Hq, Google page speed
Xmind, optimisely
Office Pack
Programming languages (HTML, PHP, CSS…)
Modeling tools

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