Acquisition Manager


The Acquisition Manager may also be called a traffic manager, web marketing manager, e-marketing manager, acquisition project manager or web marketing project manager.

She is responsible for boosting the visibility of her website and generating qualified traffic. Traffic generation must meet the pre-defined marketing goal vis-à-vis sales, visits or leads, for example.

To do that, the Web Marketing Project Manager has an acquisition budget that she allocates to various paid channels (SEA), such as sponsored links (AdWords), affiliates, email campaigns, display and re-targeting, and free methods like organic search engine optimisation (SEO).

The Acquisition Manager deploys a variety of acquisition strategies based on the channels and objectives defined in advance. She also takes into account the various synergies that can occur to avoid unnecessary spending. She measures the performance of the traffic sources from an ROI perspective and analyses and optimises the various actions taken. The E-marketing Manager may work with an array of service project managers with whom she must coordinate (agency, web designer, integrator, editorial project manager, etc.).


Acquisition Managers or Web Marketing Project Managers are organised and rigorous with strong interpersonal skills. They are true project managers whether they work with external providers or with internal teams on all initiatives.

Their analytical skills and transversal view of all channels enable Acquisition Managers to see the big picture and make strategic choices. They are also experts on the different fee-charging channels; they can take into account how they work, their technical constraints and cost. They know all the secrets of paid SEO (AdWords), affiliates, email campaigns, co-registration, display and RTB.


Google Analytics, Google Conversion Tracker, AT Internet, Omniture, Webalyser, Webtrends Google Tag Manager
Ad servers (Smart, Dart, etc.)
Google Adwords, YSM, Adcenter
SEO, SEM, Affiliation, Emailing, Retargeting, Market Place
Excel, Word, Powerpoint
Notions in HTML and Javascript+E3:G3

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