Front-End Developer


The Front-end Developer builds the websites and web pages users will interact with.

His goal is to create the most efficient web pages possible. Internet users must be able to navigate them easily and access them quickly. He also takes into account the specific features of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other browsers and ensures cross-browser compatibility. His work also involves implementing the W3C standards in force.

His understanding of organic SEO enables him to develop interfaces that adhere to SEO best practices to facilitate the indexing of pages in search engines.

Doing his job well entails working alongside many stakeholders, such as Web Designers, Technical Project Managers, Search Project Managers, etc.


Front-end Developers are always monitoring their profession. They are well versed in ergonomic design and user experience. This enables them to suggest technical solutions for the various projects.

They are rigorous and organised with a strong team spirit, which helps them work effectively with other professions.


W3C, HTML5 CSS XHTML LESS, Jquery, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, SQL, Bootstrap, etc.
Programming (C/C++, Objective C, Java, Visual Basic, HTML, XML, PHP).



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Cécile Lachan
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