Emailing Project Manager


The Email Marketing Project Manager is also known as an email marketing officer, email marketing manager, email marketer, email loyalty manager, email market researcher manager or email circulation manager.

She executes email strategies based on the defined marketing goals: loyalty, acquisition, sales, CRM or customer life cycle.

For each strategy, the Email Marketing Project Manager segments the customer database according to the target she wants to reach. She defines the email content (sender, subject, content, customisation, etc.) and coordinates and approves the designs and their integration in the professional routing tool. The Email Manager also ensures the email sending process goes smoothly.

She is attentive to the quality of the emails she sends. She analyses statistics and monitors indicators such as open rate, click-through rate and response rate to attain the pre-defined marketing goal. She also establishes processes to keep the recipient database up to date for future mailings. Deliverability, spam, bounces and hard bounces are all terms she knows well.

She is expected to make recommendations on all these matters to optimise future routing initiatives.

The nature of the job leads her to work closely with the CRM Project Manager, E-commerce Project Manager and graphic designers.


They are always tracking developments in their field. Email Project Managers have a firm technical grasp of email mechanisms; this allows them to proceed based on the specific possibilities and constraints of this tool.

Their analytical mind, web marketing knowledge and familiarity with the brand and its digital environment enable them to quickly identify ways to optimise the email channel.

Email Marketing Project Managers are thorough and organised. They can oversee multiple strategic projects at a time.


Firebird SQL, PostgreSQL
Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator
Sarbacane, Mailchimp, EmailVision
Converteo, Google Analytics, AT Internet, Omniture

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