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A motion designer is a creative whose speciality – motion design – enables him to produce animated, or rich media, interactive content in 2D and 3D. Thus he has creative and technical skills that allow him to create different types of graphic video products, such as corporate films, clips, advertising spots, etc. Special effects, 2D and 3D animation, typography and sound are all different components he uses on a daily basis and which he knows inside and out.

He is responsible for his project from A to Z, handling all aspects of design and production. Working from a brief that summarises the client’s request, he develops a specific world and style direction, then chooses the creative elements to put into play. He creates a storyboard for his animated sequences and produces it. As an image specialist, he knows how to showcase visuals for optimal end results. He is particularly attentive to the production phase and its technical aspects, such as editing and calibration. He manages the shot list, designs motions and inserts transition effects and text.


Motion designers are curious, creative and full of imagination. They are also on top of the latest trends.

They have multiple skill sets and stay informed about the technical tools they use on a daily basis. They use various audiovisual techniques and improvements to create relevant, appropriate animation work.

To ensure the successful completion of their projects, organisation and discipline are crucial qualities that enable them to work under pressure if necessary.

They are good communicators and know how to present their designs persuasively. They are good listeners and can defend their projects, as well as take a step back and improve them based on feedback. Because they have to work with many other players, including developers, art directors and project managers, they are adept at teamwork.


Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects, Flash, Premiere pro, 3DS, Encore DVD, etc.

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