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The Media Planner draws up media plans based on the intended target, the marketing or communication goal and the defined budget.

After determining the positioning of the advertising campaign he needs to run, the Media Planner develops a media plan based on his advanced knowledge of available advertising space. The Media Planner takes into account factors such as the image the brand wants to project, times when web users are online, media channels, the repetition effect and the advertising cost to propose a relevant advertising schedule that is optimised for the brand.

Once the media plan has been finalised, the Media Planner implements and optimises it to meet the defined objectives. At the end of each campaign, he reports on its results and ROI.


Media Planners are curious and constantly monitoring the digital world. They use their analytical skills, creativity and marketing/communication knowledge to recommend the most qualitative – and sometimes most innovative – solutions for the brand.

Media Planners have business acumen and a passion for numbers and statistics, which means their campaigns are ROI-centric and deliver maximum performance at minimum cost.


Word, Excel, Powerpoint

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